Hi, I’m Lucie, a freelance UX & UI Designer with a healthy addiction to moleskin sketchbooks and a passion for making beautiful things that work well.

Based in Amsterdam, but happy to travel within Europe, I work with international brands and agencies to create responsive sites, apps and digital experiences.



About Me

Lucie Agolini being silly in an instagram photo

With 6 years experience of designing websites and apps, digital design is what I do.

As a designer, my primary aim is to create sophisticated designs and experiences based on data and user feedback, so that they not only look good, but are actually meaningful and work well.

My process will always begin with working to understand the problem at hand before any designing takes place. I get great pleasure from exploring all options before committing to the right one, with all wireframes and prototypes being tested before design commences.

My strengths lie in my attention to detail, and the ability to refine complex requirements and information into simple and elegant solutions. My passion will always be user-centered desgin, with a daily interest of keeping on top of visual trends and emerging technology via books, blogs, vlogs, and good old fashioned conversations.

How I do what i do

User Experience Design

Insights gathering
Data & problem analysis
Business needs & technical considerations
Competitor benchmarking

The really fun bit
Concepts, sketches & scamps
User flows
User testing

Visual Design

Visual research
Moodboards & visual research
Familiarise with existing styleguides (if any)

Design time
Layouts, new UI components
Interaction patterns defined

Styleguide creation / management
Technical guidelines & developer liaison

How I do it

Fact based
User and mobile first
Clear communication
Solution orientated
Presentations tailored to audience
Stakeholder management
Meticulous attention to detail
With passion
and with a smile




Thanks for visiting

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