Kitchen Timer App

  Client: Your Favourite Story |   Role: Sole UX & UI Designer



When called upon to submit concept ideas for utility apps at My Favourtie Story (formerly Digital Annexe), I was inspired by my mother's annual fear of cooking Christmas dinner. All those different items needing to be cooked at just the right time to end in a final dinner of perfection were guaranteed to give her a few more grey hairs each year.

With the singular aim of getting your items cooking in time for a coordinated finish, the Kitchen Timer app was born.


UX:   user research | skteches | wireframes | user flows
UI:   moodboards | design exploration | final UI | styleguides


The app was fully designed and draft prototyped in Xcode, but unfotunately budget and resoure meant we couldn't continue with production.

It was a great learning experience that saw me driving the concept, design and creation (with the help of my wonderful iOS developing comrade).