Adidas UI Enhancements

  Client: adidas |   Role: UI



Our UI Toolkit contains all of the base elements that make up our site. It has evolved over the many years with additions from new projects, and new designers, and as such the UI had become disconnected in places.


As the Lead UI Designer, I reviewed the UI Toolkit as a whole and identified collections of elements that needed to be treated like a family.

The ‘slider and progress indicator’ collection was one such family where the various UI components show an array of different widths, shapes, colours and treatments.

Even the differences between desktop and mobile UI alone were significant


The updated UI has been transferred to various elements with more to follow. User tests and AB tests will be used to validate changing key UI such as price sliders and checkout steps. Watch this space.

As seen in ratings and reviews submission form

As seen in ratings and reviews sections

As seen in cookie settings overlay

As seen in football comparison tool